Yamaha P-250 keyboard features and reviews

Yamaha P-250 keyboard

Yamaha’s website claims:

If you play music for a living, you deserve a digital piano that offers the finest selection of acoustic pianos, organs, electric pianos and other essential keyboard sounds. You deserve a hammer-action keyboard that’s so smooth and responsive it feels just like a real piano.

You deserve comprehensive master controller functions and full XG MIDI implementation for connecting to computers, synth modules and other equipment in your musical arsenal. You deserve the P-250.

The P-250 boasts:

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  • 88-note Graded Hammer-Effect Keyboard (developed with Yamaha’s 100+ years’ experience in acoustic piano design)
  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling Layers: Four layers of sampling, 128 note polyphony.
  • Four pedalling modes: sostenuto, soft, sustain and expression.
  • Ultra Expressive Voices: 48MB wave ROM.
  • 5-band equaliser
  • Full-function 16-track MIDI sequencer
  • USB-to-host-PC system
  • Built-in speaker system
  • Pitch-bend and modulation wheels

Yamaha P-250 Reviews

Harmony Central shares user reviews of the P250. One reader prefers the sounds of the P-60, though the action is better on the P-250.

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