Yamaha P140 digital piano favourably reviewed by Keyboard magazine

Keyboard MagazineThe January issue of Keyboard Magazine (links to scanned copy) has a very positive review of one of Yamaha’s latest digital stage pianos, the P140 (P140S).

Which is good, because I’m just about to go and buy one…

The review includes a clear diagram of the instrument, pointing out all the main features.

Let’s cut to the important bits, as Keyboard Magazine sees it:


  • High-quality piano-like keyboard action
  • Rich and variable sounds
  • Strong clean sound from built-in speakers
  • Lightweight for an 88-key digital piano
  • Attractive


  • No 1/4″ outputs
  • RCA output level (volume) not adjustable
  • Some buzzing from internal speakers at maximum volume

To be honest, if these are the only problems the reviewer found, this is praise indeed for the Yamaha piano.

Continued below...

The output issue can be resolved with use of converter cables and a good mixing desk/amplifier.

Most keyboards I’ve ever played emit some kind of buzz or vibration when playing at full volume through the internal speakers: solution – don’t play at full volume! 🙂

The P140 (black) and P140S (silver) were reviewed by Michael Gallant, a professional musician/pianist, so he should know what he’s talking about.

All in all a very positive review and proof that Yamaha continue to produce high-quality digital instruments.