Yamaha P140S: Up close and personal

Here are a few photographs of my lovely new Yamaha P140S digital piano. Click any thumbnail for a larger picture.

Yamaha P140S Front RightAngled front view of the digital piano. Note that it currently sits on a single Quicklok stand, which happily handles its distributed weight. I will be getting the accompanying stand, but it wasn’t in stock when I bought the piano. See that it happily takes 3 A4-size sheets of music.

Yamaha P140S SideSide view: You can see all 88 glorious keys laid out, complete with red felt backing, the two front speakers, and attractive curving of the corner pieces. You can also see the (including) piano-style damper (sustain) pedal.

Yamaha P140S KeysClose-up of middle section of keys, control buttons and LED display, and wood effect backing.

Yamaha P140S SpeakerFront right speaker close up: Speaker grille, keys, silver, and wood.

Yamaha P140S PanelSlightly raised close-up view of central LED, buttons, keys, and silver and wood.

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Yamaha P140S ButtonsLooking closely at the buttons: Right-hand set of buttons controlling effects and selecting sounds.

Yamaha P140S Music StandShiny, transparent music rest. The Yamaha symbol is translucent in natural light. Plenty of good grip for books and individual sheets of music.

Yamaha P140S SideCloser side-view of Yamaha P140S, dwindling daylight reflecting off the realistic keys.

Yamaha P140S ManualOwners Manual (European edition).