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Yamaha SH and SG2 Silent Pianos [NAMM13]

Yamaha is showing off its expanded range of SH and SG2 Silent Pianos at this year’s NAMM.

Yamaha Silent Pianos are acoustic pianos featuring sound-damping capabilities that allow players to plug in headphones and jam away without disturbing others. They can also be played like any regular piano, combining the authentic sound and touch of acoustic pianos with the convenience of digital models.

The Silent Piano’s incredible sounds are sampled from the top-of-the-line Yamaha CFX and CFIIIS Concert Grand Pianos. Even in silent mode, the piano faithfully reproduces an acoustic sound through headphones. Drawing from Yamaha’s expertise in acoustic piano design, digital sound creation and Disklavier technology, the silent pianos allow players to experience the same feel and touch they would from a regular acoustic pianos, whether the sound they want is soft or loud, gentle or sharp. The meticulously installed hammer, key and pedal sensors, along with sophisticated damper resonance effect, enable these silent models to faithfully reproduce the complex sounds of acoustic pianos.

Yamaha’s Silent Grand Pianos are equipped with Yamaha’s QuickEscape mechanism, which optimises the movement of the action, both in silent and acoustic modes. Yamaha Silent Grand Pianos are the only ones in the category that offer effective silencing and authentic key touch during acoustic play, which makes them ideal for use in music schools, conservatories and demanding professional environments.

These Silent Pianos are equipped with functions useful for practice, including metronomes and USB recording capabilities. They also offer convenient, easy-to-operate functions, including recording, playback and tonal controls. In addition, the pianos are fitted with MIDI and AUX connections for speakers and computers.

The full model list includes the C7X-SH, GB1K-SG2 and GC2-SH grand pianos and YUS5-SH, U3-SH and b3-SG2 upright pianos. Availability information to be confirmed.