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Yamaha P155 digital piano

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It seems that the Yamaha P140 digital piano, which many believe was inferior in all but the quality of the keyboard touch to the P120, is about to be phased out in favour of the P155.

Showing off at NAMM09, Yamaha will introduce the P155 “slab piano” that is aimed at both gigging musicians and those with limited space at home who want a decent digital piano feel and sound.

Perhaps Yamaha has listened to some of the complaints, for not only has it doubled the polyphony to 128 notes (the P120 and P140 both had 64 note polyphony) but it’s replaced the output jacks with 1/4-inch line-level outputs with variable volume control.

Other features include the Graded Hammer Effect key action, four-layer piano sample with damper resonance effect, greater amplification and USB song storage.

Computer-compatible features include a songwriting tool for jotting down quick piano recordings and quickly importing them into a computer via USB input, which makes it a snap to transfer song files to a PC or Mac. It also works in the reverse: play any Standard MIDI file using the P155’s incredible piano voices.

It will be available in three colours — black with mahogany trim, silver with cherry trim, and black with ebony trim — from around April this year.

Will it be a vast improvement over the P140? Will it acknowledge the P120’s popularity but with better build quality? Time will tell.

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