Young children read music before words

There’s an interesting article in the Lansing State Journal of how Ron West is teaching pre-schoolers to play the piano and to read music.

He teaches them about numbering the fingers on each hand, basic scales, and clapping to a rhythm.

It’s been a huge success, and what started as a small addition to his piano-teaching career of 30 years became amazingly popular.

“The churches and schools opened all their doors for me,” he [West] said.

“Everyone started referring me and referring me and referring me. Before I knew it, I was in business and I just kind of never looked back.”

More people are being trained up into Ron’s methods, which make learning to play the piano and understand music from a young age fun.

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One parent says:

“I don’t know how he does it, but he has great energy, that’s for sure. It amazes me how much [my daughter] has absorbed, and so quickly.”

Anything that gets kids excited by music, and the prospect of being able to make it themselves, has to be a good thing. Quality, affordable education that’s as painless as playing a game is vital, particularly in an age of Arts education cuts.