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Learning to Play Music

Here’s some basic advice for anyone looking to learn to play the piano or keyboard.

We’ve put together a number of tutorials to help you play well-known songs.

Being able to play Christmas carols is a popular theme, so check out our series:

There are also traditional Christmas songs. Check out our series:

We also have a series on playing traditional children’s songs.

You might also be interested in learning to play these songs:

Improving Skills

These resources will help you play the piano or keyboard better.

Music Theory

These resources will ground you in the fundamentals of musical theory.


Here are some resources you might find useful as you prepare to play or work with other musicians.

Keyboard Gear

Guides to help you add the right equipment to your instruments.

Music and Technology

Obviously all synths and digital pianos have technology built in, but these resources are for those who want to use computers, tablets, mobile devices, or modify their synths.

For Children

Nurture the enthusiasm and talent your child has for music with these resources.

Tips and Advice

Here are more articles that encourage you to explore your instrument further.

Fun Stuff