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Akai shows off MINIAK virtual analog synth with vocoder

Akai MINIAK analog synth side viewAkai recently announced this interesting-looking mini synth, the MINIAK, featuring three octaves (37 notes) of semi-weighted keys, 8 multi-timbral voice polyphony, phrase and step sequencers, 40-band vocoder, built-in drum machine and rhythm sequencer, arpeggiator, stereo effects, and much more (scroll down for the full spec list).

The virtual analog synth engine was developed in partnership with the Alesis synth team.

It comes with a gooseneck microphone for taking advantage of that vocoder.

The audio inputs and outputs are full 24-bit, so it’s definitely at home in the studio.

Akai MINIAK Key Features

  • Eight voices, each with three oscillators
  • Up to eight multi-timbral parts with stereo effects and 40-band vocoder
  • Two multi-mode filters, three envelope generators, two LFOs, sample and hold, tracking generator
  • Dynamic real-time and step sequencers, arpeggiator, and drum machine/rhythm sequencer
  • Stereo bus effects including reverbs and delays
  • 24-bit 1/4″ balanced stereo analog outputs and inputs
  • 37-key synth-action keyboard with velocity sensitivity
    More than 600 preset sounds
  • Sound banks: bass, lead, pad, string, brass, keys, comp, drum, SFX

Akai MINIAK Kit Included

  • MINIAK synthesizer keyboard
  • VPM1 gooseneck microphone
  • Power supply
  • Quick start guide

Akai MINIAK top view

Akai MINIAK Full Specifications

Synthesis: Virtual analog (subtractive), noise generator, FM
Polyphony: Up to 8 voices
Timbrality: Up to 8 parts
Oscillators: 3 per voice with continuously variable waveshapes, sync, linear and exponential FM, Ring Mod, routable modulation matrix per voice
Filters: 2 multi-mode resonating filters per voice with 16 filter types
Modulation: 2 LFOs with multiple wave shapes, sample and hold, tracking generator, freely routable modulation matrix per voice
Effects: 4 drive effects, 1 per part; master effects
Sequencing: Step sequencer, arpeggiator, drum machine/rhythm sequencer, and phrase
Program memory: Up to 1,000 Programs and multi-timbral Multis
Velocity sensitive: Yes
Keyboard: 37-key, semi-weighted
External control: MIDI in/out/thru
Inputs: 2 balanced 1/4″ TRS, mic
Outputs: 2 balanced 1/4″ TRS, 1/4″ TRS headphone
Controls: Pitch wheel, two assignable Q-Link modulation wheels, X, Y, and Z parameter knobs, pattern play, phrase arpeggiator, latch arpeggiator, keyboard octave, tap tempo, program controls, data push-knob, config, store, master volume
Pedal Inputs: Assignable expression pedal, sustain pedal
Weight: 12.0 lbs
Dimensions: 22.8″ x 10.8″ x 3.34″ (L x W x H)

Available for around US$500.

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