Cello meets computer: Zoe Keating creates classical music with technology

zoe-keating-cello-macbook-proThere’s a fascinating article and video over at Wired.com featuring classical cellist Zoe Keating.

She uses her Apple MacBook Pro to record her cello, and then creates loops and layers based on that.

Instead of trying to get fifty cellists together in one room, she is the sole instrumentalist. In fact, it probably gives her more creative freedom – why try to organise a load of human musicians when you can do it all yourself?

It’s reminiscent of some of the work Mike Oldfield has done, building up layer upon layer of instruments.

“My music is the fusion of information architecture and classical music,” Keating says in this Wired.com video. “The way that you problem-solve in the world of technology … really lends itself to problem-solving with the kind of music that I do.”

Software wise, she uses Ableton Live, SooperLooper, and some DIY AppleScript, plus a set of ten MIDI foot pedals which can control it all.

Definitely worth watching.