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Korg debuts C-720 digital concert piano

Korg C-720 digital concert pianoKorg have unveiled the latest addition to their range of digital concert pianos, with the C-720.

It uses a proprietary Piano eXperience technology to provide greater realism and feel. Using cutting edge stereo sampling techniques it conveys natural imaging and nuances of a concert grand piano using multi-layer PCM sampling.

Nuances such as the sound of the key being released, the hammer returning, and even sympathetic damper resonance of the strings, are included. Impressive.

In terms of feel, it features Korg’s RH3 real weighted hammer action keyboard. For added realism, keys further towards the upper end of the keyboard have a lighter touch than those at the lower end. There are seven velocity curves so there should be a setting to suit everyone’s playing style.

The C-720 comes with 40 different instrument sounds including a number of acoustic pianos and other keyboard instruments including harpsichord, clavinet, organ, electric piano, plus a number of stringed instrument samples.

Two sounds can be split or layered across the keyboard, and there are a number of effects including reverb and chorus to add depth to the sounds.

When it comes to pedalling, the Korg C-720 supports half-pedalling for the damper and soft pedals, plus a sostenuto pedal.

Other features include transposition, fine tuning, 37 metronome drum patterns, dual headphone outputs, different tuning temperaments, and 20 demo songs plus 185 classical piano pieces.

The C-720 has four speakers housed in an internal bass reflex chamber, powered by two stereo 90W amplifiers.

It looks and sounds like a very capable instrument on a par with some of the Yamaha contemporary digital pianos. At the end of the day, if you’re a keen pianist, it’s going to come down to the feel of the keyboard and pedals, and sound of the piano samples. The extra features are nice but don’t set it apart from competitors offerings.

It will be available this month for a RRP of $4900.