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KORG Gadget VR Music Production Studio launched

During the summer, KORG announced the launch of its Gadget VR Music Production Studio, based on the popular and award-winning KORG Gadget which is already available for a variety of platforms including iOS, Mac, plugin, and Nintendo Switch.

Anyone with a compatible virtual reality headset can now enter the world of Gadget VR, with the ability to control gadgets arranged in 360 degree space as if they were with you in reality.

Create songs surrounded by gadgets, a whole new DAW experience

KORG Gadget VR is based on the “KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch” user interface for intuitive operation with the motion controller. The 3D gadgets and sequence monitor are arranged in 360° around you so that each track can be viewed simply by moving your eyes. The VR space allows users to seamlessly create songs as if they were touching the tracks with their hands.

Newly designed realistic gadgets for Gadget VR

KORG has carefully selected six gadget instruments from KORG Gadget. In order to make them more like physical instruments, the design used in the other versions has been expanded so that all of the knobs and sliders are displayed on the panels. The sophisticated parameter structure remains unchanged, allowing for the speedy creation of all kinds of sounds. You can enjoy not only immediate sounds, but also realistic visuals with attention to detail at the same time.

The most immersive experience you’ve ever had; your own personal music studio

Wearing a VR headset compatible with KORG Gadget VR, you can create your own music studio. With gadgets and the sequence monitors arranged around you in 360°, you can instantly use your motion controller to give shape to your ideas without having to move anywhere. The immersive experience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and will bring out new inspiration. You no longer need to worry about space for your gear.

Performance sharing with headset mirroring capability

Using the mirroring feature provided in your VR headset, you can write your songs in a personal space and then perform your completed music on screen at a live venue.

Created using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

KORG Gadget VR was created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a world-renowned game engine that has been used in many fields besides games, such as video production and architecture.

Available to buy on STEAM and Meta Quest. Product page.