Music Modem: Create dial-up Internet sounds to your heart’s content

Music Modem

Music Modem

If you have fond memories of having to use dial-up modems to use the Internet (anyone under the age of 25 need not concern themselves) then you might like the Music Modem, a portable sound generator that lovingly recreates those sounds just for you.

It looks a bit like a stylophone, except it has eight push buttons on the front instead of the metal keys and stylus.

As well as that huge internal speaker, there’s a mini audio output (3.5mm) jack so you can send those sounds to an external speaker or some other device. There’s also an audio in jack though we haven’t found out exactly what that can be used for. “Modemifying” external sound sources would be quite cool.

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The unit has three modes, five tones, and eight tuned notes in a single octave. It runs off 3xAA batteries and costs just $29.99.

Music Modem