Nord Sample Library expands with brass

Nord has announced its latest addition to the Nord Sample Library include fully mapped Saxophones, Trumpets and Trombones in single and doubled versions, both recorded at Mezzo-forte and Forte. The Brass Section features a split point (at C5), with sustained notes on the lower part of the keyboard and “falls” on the upper part.

Here’s what you get:


Trombone Sus_S_MF
Trombone Sus_S_F
Trombone Sus_Dbl_MF
Trombone Sus_Dbl_F


Trumpet Sus_S_MF
Trumpet Sus_S_F
Trumpet Sus_Dbl_F
Trumpet Sus_Dbl_MF

(Baryton C2-D#3, Tenor E3-D5)

Sax Sus_S_MF
Sax Sus_S_F
Sax Sus_Dbl_MF
Sax Sus_Dbl_F

Brass Section
(Split at C5: sustained notes below and “falls” above)

Sect Sus Fall_Dbl_MF
Sect Sus Fall_Dbl_F
Sect Sus Fall_S_MF
Sect Sus Fall_S_F

More information on the Nord Sample Library web page.