Piano Shelf from Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz's Piano Shelf

Sebastian Errazuriz’s Piano Shelf

Leave aside the fact that I’m a bit peckish as I write this, and so these high design shelves remind me a little of Kit-Kat bars, Sebastian Errazuriz’s 1997 work has just come before my eyes.

The installation is of four shelves of perhaps eighty blocks of wood on each, seemingly styled on the ebony keys of a piano keyboard.

Each key can either be raised flush with the wall the unit is attached to, or lowered to sit horizontally (possibly with a slight downward slope on it). This allows for a highly versatile set of shelves which can be used to hold many things – so long as they’re not too thin, I suppose.

They come in dark chocolate brown or white versions, although I couldn’t find them when looking on Sebastian’s website so I’m not sure if they’re commercially available.

Would you like something like this in your home?