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Roland introduces C-380 classic organ

Roland C-380 classic organFor those who are looking for an authentic organ experience at home, Roland announces its C-380 classic organ. Building on other organs in the series, such as the C-330, Roland has created a lightweight, compact instrument with a range of classical organ features including:

  • High quality sound from Rodgers/Roland library
  • Compact and lightweight body features a luxurious Dark Oak finish and a roll top with lock and key
  • Cathedral-size sound thanks to the RSS ambience system
  • Satellite speakers for creating the spatial dynamism of pipes
  • Two 61-note manuals with tracker-action; 30-note parallel concave pedalboard
  • Instant switching between classical tunings, baroque pitch, etc.
  • Six User MIDI couplers for ultimate flexibility in registration
  • USB Flash Memory connector to store performances and registration sets
  • Divisional Mute function helps your practicing

RSS (Roland Sound Space) offers the rich, ambient sound of a real pipe organ, and the keyboards feature authentic tracker touch.

Each speaking stop of the C-380 controls three alternative voices (Voice Palettes) covering a wide range of taste and styles, from the Baroque era, through to the large romantic organs of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The C-380 contains USER Coupler functions which combine your choice from a palette of organ and orchestral sounds with the C-380’s own stops. This allows you to create hundreds of different sound combinations and then store them on the organ’s memory pistons.

More information is available on the C-380 product page.