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Woovebox portable groovebox workstation, tiny size, big features

Pocket Animal Audio has shown off its latest creation, the Woovebox, which is a powerful and portable audio workstation and groovebox which aims to help musicians flesh out ideas and even complete entire tracks by building on simple ideas and adding listener interest through conditional triggering and modification of distinct building blocks.

Its primary mandate is to alleviate the “empty DAW project” paralysis which can ofter occur when a musician has so many sounds, effects, plugins, and options that they become unable to create, or complete, music tracks. Instead they tweak endlessly and “experiment” but can never progress or master tracks.

Its portable nature means it’s also been designed for those who love creating tunes away from a desk or studio. It’s even more convenient than a laptop or tablet. All you need is some headphones and you’re good to go. Naturally, it also has connectivity options for pairing with your DAW or other instruments, including physical MIDI and sync out, wireless MIDI in/out over Bluetooth, .WAV audio and dry/wet stem export.

Weighing in at just 68g, it has a plethora of synthesis algorithms, filters and effects on board, meaning you can build up quite an advanced track before going anywhere near additional software.

“Tempo, rhythm and chord info is re-used throughout the song, interface, playback options and even the synthesis engine. This is combined with conditional triggering and conditional modification of elements and tracks.

The results are complex, intricate compositions that sound refined, intentional and planned. If you wish, even just a single 16-step pattern for each of the 16 tracks, is entirely enough to make a complex song that keeps the listener’s attention.”



  • 16 part multi-timbral / 16 tracks (1 x 4-voice polyphonic track + 15 x 4-voice paraphonic or mono tracks)*
  • 16 versatile synthesis algorithms
  • 17 low-aliasing oscillator models + up to 256 user samples
  • Virtual Analog, FM, Super Saw, AM, RingMod, x0x percussion, more
  • 2 oscillator models per voice
  • 1 multi-mode filter per voice (10 filter types)
  • 2 x AEG, FEG, multiple LFOs per voice
  • global multi-FX; reverb, stereo chorus, 2 x stereo delay
  • per-voice FX; distortion, saturation, bit crushing, resampling, global multi-FX sends
  • per-voice dynamics; compressor/limiter, 4-bus side-chaining, gating
  • master compressor/limiter, vinyl and noise effects
  • emulates vintage digital, analog and organic sounds
  • extensive, complex sound design capabilities


  • 16 songs x 16 tracks x 16 patterns x 16 steps
  • fast workflow; create new intricate song ideas in minutes
  • polyrhythms, generative, arpeggio and x0x-style patterns
  • use scales, modes, chord types and inversions, w/o music theory
  • per-step conditionals, 100+ step modifier type, probabilities
  • pattern chaining, pattern muting conditions
  • micro-timing and swing
  • song mode with per-fragment transformation and automation
  • send sync and MIDI to control connected gear
  • exports songs as WAV (song, stems dry & wet)
  • undo functionality


  • 62s @ 44.1kHz 8-bit mu-law compressed (~12-bit effective) w/reconstructive interpolation
  • 16 user kits x 16 samples
  • dedicated 3.5mm line-input
  • digital sample import via Bluetooth
  • mangle, slice, chop, re-arrange samples
  • add new oscillators, one-shots and loops
  • multi-sample, single instrument support
  • use live input as an oscillator model
  • re-sample internal synthesizer
  • automatic space management and optimization
  • undo functionality

Woovebos is currently out of stock but more units are being produced. We believe it retails at around $249. Product page.