1956 Blonde Cable-Nelson spinet piano [eBay]

A fantastic acoustic upright piano from the mid-1950s, this Cable-Nelson spinet piano is beautiful and available via this auction.

This is a beautiful piano that still looks and sounds great after 56 years! It belonged to my mother and she gave it to me a few years ago. We’re making a big move and I have to part with it.
It has received regular maintenance and tuning (my piano tuner will vouch for this!) and overall has no major issues.

Cable-Nelson was a name so well established that it was to become the first rank of the piano industry on the strength of the excellence of its product. You can read more about Cable-Nelson pianos here: http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/agesc.htm#CABLE-NELSON

This beauty boasts a metal-supported key bed, metal-reinforced legs, an Equi-Balanced scale, and was made from rich, blonde wood.

The only known flaws on this gorgeous piece are the following:

The pedals have lost most of their leather covering over the years. What remains is a brass metal pedal.

There is a water stain on the right top and a few along the underside of the lid.

There are some chips in the wood at the bottom of the piano from moving. Nothing very noticeable and certainly does not affect the overall appearance or sound.

Safety pads left some adhesive on the corners of the seat. This can be removed gently.

One or two of the keys are chipped. This nicks are small and do not affect overall appearance or playability.