101 Colorful, Cool, Weird, Novelty, Vintage Toy Keyboard Instruments
1. Cute little wooden organ with crooked keys. 2. Green musical keyboard instrument from the USSR, circa 1990. 3. Cute yellow 1-octave keyboard with strap. 4. Yellow elephant dual keyboard. 5. Funky-looking “Xylomatic”. I’d love to see how this works. 6. Lovely green and purple toy 32-key keyboard from Kawasaki. […]

101 Colourful, Cool, Weird, Novelty, Vintage Toy Instruments [GALLERY]

Overview One of the very first synths created, in the late 1960s, by England-based Electronic Music Studios. The highly portable modular synth featured a three octave keyboard, monophonic sound, noise generator, two input amps, one ring mod, one voltage controlled low-pass filter and spring reverb unit, one trapezoid envelope generator, […]

EMS VCS3 [Vintage]

Yamaha PortaSound MP-1 4
I was delving through some old keyboard manuals posted online and came across the Yamaha MP-1 manual from the early ’80s. This is not to be confused with the Yamaha MP1 upright piano. There’s a big difference! Remember electronics manuals from that decade? They weren’t the slick affairs you get […]

Yamaha MP-1 (1982) First and only keyboard with score plotter? ...

Moog introduces the Minimoog Voyager OS, featuring the analog sound engine of the Voyager, but without the digital controls. Moog says that it’s the perfect solution for players looking for a roadworthy replacement for their Minimoog Model D, as a full-featured centrepiece for a modular synth rig, or for those […]

Moog intros Minimoog Voyager OS

For the tiny-fingered, space-challenged mono-synth lover, the vintage Yamaha CS-01 might need to be in your collection. SynthMuseum says It was obviously marketed to the young, first synth buyer, market. However, dispite it’s mini-sized keys, it has been since adopted by many professionals for it’s simple design, active sliders, and […]

Vintage: Yamaha CS-01 – “The Mini Mono”