Erica Synths DIY VCA module launched Erica Synths has announced its latest offering to the synth world, a DIY build dual VCA for eurorack systems. It has DC-coupled inputs so you can use the VCA both for audio and CV signals. Inputs of the second VCA are normalled to the […]

Daily Roundup 9 Feb 2022: Erica Synths DIY VCA, ZeroBox ...

Abbey Road One: Mysterious Reeds released Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its latest sound library, Abbey Road One: Mysterious Reeds. Recorded in the unmistakable acoustics of the world-famous Studio One with exceptional players, award-winning sound engineers, and priceless microphones as a departure from standard woodwind orchestration by capturing […]

Daily Roundup 4 Feb 2022: Mysterious Reeds, bass synth pedals, ...

Vidami Blue footswitch enhances DAW use and online video control At first glance, Vidami Blue looks like a natural wireless evolution of the original Vidami, but what’s not readily visible is a host of powerful features that puts the Vidami Blue in a class all its own. When we created […]

Daily Roundup 2 Feb 2022: Vidami Blue, Casio Music Space ...

Our PSR-S/PSR-SX Series Comparison article has proved extremely popular, so with the evolution and advance of Yamaha’s PSR-E and PSR-EW series keyboards, with two new upgraded models launching in Spring 2022, we have done the same with Yamaha’s current eleven models of this series. Models released prior to the PSR-E263 […]

Yamaha PSR-E/PSR-EW Series Comparison: All eleven models compared

Yamaha PSR-EW425 / PSR-E473 models launched Yamaha has upgraded its PSR-E/EW line of keyboards with the introduction of the PSR-EW425 (76 key) and PSR-E473 (61 key) models, adding to the series and eventually superseding the PSR-EW410 and PSR-E463 respectively. Launching in the Spring, they are still part of the more […]

Daily Roundup 25 Jan 2022: Yamaha PSR-EW425/E-473, JostyKit MU610, AsteroidBlock.io, ...

Zen Q Synergy Core compact audio interface launched Professional studio audio performance for the home market in the Zen Q Synergy Core audio interface, featuring AD/DA, discrete ultra-linear mic preamps, 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking system, 37 analog-modelled effects, 14×10 I/O channels, low latency USB-C interface. Class-leading — MONITOR and LINE OUT — AD/DA conversion […]

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Yamaha TransAcousic TA2 pianos
Yamaha has announced its new generation of TransAcoustic pianos, featuring four upright and three grand models. They build on the original TransAcoustic models which gave acoustic pianos volume control, thanks to electro-acoustic transducers located near to each of the instrument’s two soundboard bridges which allow the entire soundboard to act […]

Yamaha TransAcoustic TA2 piano family launched

Yamaha has introduced two new models in its popular PSR-E series. These entry-level models are typically aimed at beginning keyboard players, although they have plenty of features for more advanced players also. The PSR-EW410 is the new flagship model, featuring 76 keys, a Groove Creator function for adding intros, section […]

Yamaha PSR-EW410 and PSR-E463 portable keyboards introduced

Yamaha has added two new models to its range of PSR-S arranger workstation range, showing them off at Winter NAMM 2018. The PSR-S975 supersedes the PSR-970 and is now hailed as the “ultimate PSR”, while the PSR-775 takes over from the PSR-S770. Yamaha PSR-S975 Yamaha’s new flagship PSR arranger workstation […]

Yamaha PSR-S975 and PSR-S775 workstations added to S Series

More detailed comparison of the PSR-S970 and PSR-975 plus a full specification comparison sheet for the newest five PSR-S models and PSR-SX models are further down this article page. Yamaha introduced its first S Series arranger workstation keyboard in July 2006, meaning the range is well on its way to its fifteenth […]

Yamaha PSR-S/PSR-SX Series Comparison: All seventeen models compared

UPDATE: The Tyros5 was announced on November 11, 2013. Check out the announcement and visit our dedicated Tyros5 microsite. Over a decade has passed since Yamaha launched its first Tyros arranger keyboard. Since then, it has released the Tyros 2, Tyros 3 and Tyros 4. With almost three years having […]

Yamaha Tyros5: Fact and fiction

Yamaha has announced its new summer programme allowing both individual pianists and educational institutions the ability to either part-exchange or restore existing Yamaha acoustic and digital pianos, allowing them to get hold of new models or add value to current ones. The Upgrade Bonus programme runs from August 2013 to […]

Yamaha offers Upgrade Bonus PartEx programme for pianists and institutions

Today we are blessed with a plethora of software, apps and keyboards with built-in music theory/practice features, but back in the 1980s that wasn’t the case. Yamaha decided to build in some basic musical games on its mini HandySound keyboards, which were manufactured in the early ’80s. According to the […]

Yamaha HandySound mini keyboard with built-in games [Vintage]

A major feature at this year’s NAMM show is that of interaction between digital keyboards / pianos and mobile devices, in particular Apple’s line of iPad, iPhone and iPod products. Yamaha is debuting a range of new apps for iOS-based devices, seeking to help musicians get the most from their […]

Yamaha iOS apps for music playing, arranging, organising, recording, editing ...

Yamaha has announced new models in its line of Disklavier E3 and E3PRO Series performance reproducing digital/acoustic grand pianos. These models combine the unrivalled touch, tone, elegance and style of traditional Yamaha acoustic pianos with cutting edge digital piano features that enable the instruments to play themselves – with exact […]

Yamaha expands Disklavier E3 digital acoustic performance reproducing pianos [NAMM13]

Yamaha is showing off its expanded range of SH and SG2 Silent Pianos at this year’s NAMM. Yamaha Silent Pianos are acoustic pianos featuring sound-damping capabilities that allow players to plug in headphones and jam away without disturbing others. They can also be played like any regular piano, combining the […]

Yamaha SH and SG2 Silent Pianos [NAMM13]