This section has longer articles on various aspects of the piano and synth, including playing technique, improvisation, composition, theory, practice, and preparing for performances.

See the complete series of Mastering Christmas Carols. The First Noel: An Introduction The First Noel (also spelled The First Nowell) is written and played here in the key of C Major, and has a 3/4 (waltz) time signature. The First Noel: Main Melody It’s worth taking a moment to […]

The First Noel: Mastering Christmas Carols on the Piano and ...

In this article we take a look and compare the features and specifications of the thirteen models of Korg’s Pa*X line of synthesisers. There are thirteen models comprising eight distinct models with various key count variations on some. The Pa1X was launched in 2003 so we are now looking at […]

Korg PaX Series comparison: All thirteen models compared