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Yamaha MONTAGE discontinued, but “next generation” MONTAGE coming October

Update: The new MONTAGE M is here.

Although many people already seem to think Yamaha has discontinued the MONTAGE, a few days ago an official, albeit slightly under-the-radar announcement was made on the YamahaSynth website to confirm it.

The MONTAGE music synthesiser is now officially discontinued — in other words, if you don’t already have one and want one, you’re going to need to be quick to buy any current new stock which might be in dealerships, or plump for a looked-after second hand instrument.

The MONTAGE synth has been well received and has even spawned siblings sporting pared down versions of the sound technology, but seven years on from its launch Yamaha has decided it can no longer develop it any further.

However, the tiniest glimmer of hope for MONTAGE fans is that a next-generation MONTAGE is due to be released in October. That’s it, no more information than that. At least two months to wait to find out what could be brewing in Yamaha’s labs…

What’s not clear is whether there will be a new Yamaha synth called MONTAGE 2, or some other variant on the name, or if Yamaha’s claims that it cannot develop MONTAGE any further is hinting at technical limitations on the hardware currently in use and they will simply hop on to a new architecture, and name. Perhaps more of an evolution but still a change in branding like the move from Tyros to Genos.

We also don’t know if this means the MODX synths will be developed any further.

I suppose October is a nice time to see new gear arriving, when the approaching holiday season means gifts (to self), so long as you’re prepared to spend what is likely to be a handsome price for new gear in the same ballpark as the MONTAGE.

For now, we wait….. Update: and now, here it is!