Moog intros Minimoog Voyager OS 1

Moog introduces the Minimoog Voyager OS, featuring the analog sound engine of the Voyager, but without the digital controls.

Moog says that it’s the perfect solution for players looking for a roadworthy replacement for their Minimoog Model D, as a full-featured centrepiece for a modular synth rig, or for those craving direct, hands-on connection to their creativity.


It features extensive patching facilities, and expanded modulation capabilities. The signal path starts with a bank of three wide-range, high-stability voltage controlled oscillators, one noise source and one audio preamplifier for externally-applied audio signals. The sound modifiers are two Moog filters and one stereo VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier).

Control devices include a 44-key keyboard with velocity and afterpressure outputs, pitch bend and modulation wheels and many control/pedal input jacks. It has a hinged, multi-position panel and a solid hardwood cabinet, and the power supply accepts any power voltage from 100 volts to 240 volts.

It has a price between that of the Voyager and the Little Phatty.

Here’s a video of the Minimoog Voyager OS being used in live performance.