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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 4 Feb 2022: Mysterious Reeds, bass synth pedals, FORMANT modular synth PSU, studio tour, USYNTH, layering synths, PSS270 sample pack…

Abbey Road One: Mysterious Reeds released

Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its latest sound library, Abbey Road One: Mysterious Reeds. Recorded in the unmistakable acoustics of the world-famous Studio One with exceptional players, award-winning sound engineers, and priceless microphones as a departure from standard woodwind orchestration by capturing pairings of two oboes and two clarinets as well as two clarinets and two bassoons in octaves to deliver an intriguing alternative for a dark, more mysterious sound utilised by the crème de la crème of Abbey Road-recording film composers as a standalone library allowing anyone to quickly and easily create film scores, elevate existing symphonic orchestra toolkits or pair with ABBEY ROAD ONE: ORCHESTRAL FOUNDATIONS itself to create cinematic themes.

RRP of £49/$49/€49.

Read more and purchase at the product page.

Sound Strategies : FIVE Bass Synth Guitar Pedal Combos

Bass-Boy-Bryce joins us today to share some of his favorite methods for making funky synth sounds on guitars!

Artists have been emulating synthesizer sounds on guitars almost as long as synthesizers have existed, and it’s undeniable that these two modern instruments lend their sonic palette to each other in ways that are endlessly fun to explore!

So grab your guitar, your synth, and maybe a snack and lets dig in!

Studio Tour 2022 | 80s Vintage Synthesizers and Gear

My 2022 studio tour where I go through what I have in the studio. As I often have change things out and/or get stuff coming and going, not all things are set up in a permanent order. Some are not even hooked up unless I need it for a particular job.

Building An Original FORMANT Modular Synth Power Supply

The DIY Modular Synth From Germany shoutout to UWE on the PCB!

One Synth Challenge mit Florian Meindl und dem Novation Peak Synthesizer

With the One Synth Challenge, we are starting a big community streaming event at the beginning of the year, which everyone can take part in at the end. The four renowned participants work with just one sound source, namely the Peak Synthesizer from Novation! In the next four weeks, one of them will have to set up a production, always live in the stream on Thursdays, in two hours and only with the Novation Peak.

USYNTH – The All New Synth by UJAM

Under the hood, Usynth is a very complex synthesizer. Each instance consists of 2 individual layers per voice, with Virtual Analog, Wavetable, FM and Multisample Synthesis, Multi-mode Filter, 5-stage envelopes, LFOs, 12-way modulation matrix and much much more.

The Best Tip When Layering Synths

Layering synths is one of the most important things to learn to do, yet one of the trickiest parts of producing. Here’s my #1 tip for getting better at layering your synths/drops!

The Ultimate Lofi Synth? | YAMAHA PSS 270 + SAMPLE PACK

The Yamaha PSS-270 is one of my favourite synths that I own and now you can own it too – in software form!

First Tune with “Homemade” Synth

Got my oscillator accepting CV and tuned up. A little reverb doesn’t hurt 🙂

Thanks to Moritz Klein and Erica Synths for their mki x es line of educational DIY eurorack modules. It’s insanely rewarding to be building an oscillator from scratch and really understanding how the circuit works. Can’t wait for the rest of the line!

Apple II Plays a DIY Modular Synthesizer

In this video we pair the trusty Apple II Plus with my newly-constructed modular synth. We check out some basics about the connections and we write a couple programs in BASIC to capitalize on this quirky connection!

LFO update to Noise Engineering’s Freequel Bundle, our FREE plugins for VST3, AU, and AAX

In this video, we take a deep dive into the menu and controls of the new LFO update to our Freequel Bundle, our FREE plugins. These updates are free and are reverse compatible with your current Freequel bundle. The Freequel Bundle is available for Mac and PC, in VST3, AU, and AAX formats.