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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 7 Feb 2022: Midique KNTRL9, Sonicware Liven XFM, Synthstrom Deluge, Prophet 5, Eurorack jam

Midique KNTRL9 controller debuts, sells out

Within days of Midique debuting their solid wood and metal build MIDI mixer, it sold out. Such was the enthusiasm for the KNTRL9 “sturdy compact MIDI mixer” that it was snapped up. It’s not ready for shipping yet, the first batch is expected in the spring.

The KNTRL9 is a quality MIDI controller featuring 27 rotary knobs, 9 faders, and 9 true color LED indicators. The knobs are from stainless steel with a great sense of space and haptics so you can adjust controls with precision while avoiding disturbing knobs by accident.

With a minimalist design made from strong (German) oak and aluminium, this is a solid piece of equipment that will stay with you for years.

27 knobs, 9 faders

The KNTRL9 has 27 rotary knobs and 9 faders, all made from durable stainless steel. The knobs are unique and designed by Midique and provide greater haptics and more precise control due to the material, the texture, the resistance of the knobs and the 10 bits precision of the potentiometer.

Works with all DAWs and hardware

The KNTRL9 supports MIDI over both USB as well as standard MIDI DIN OUT. This means it works in any DAW and with all hardware that supports MIDI.

In Ableton, the supplied MIDI Remote Script makes for a seamless integration, using the Full color LEDs to display the track color in Ableton.

Made from quality materials

Made from real oak and pure metals. Almost no plastics involved. This makes the device sturdy and durable. 

Of course, care has been taken that all the wood is from well managed sources. When possible, recycled wood is used (depending on whether our source has leftovers).

You can leave your email address on the KNTRL9 website to be notified when more stock will be available.

A Review of The Sonicware Liven XFM Synthesizer / Groovebox

Matt Greer’s review of the Sonicware Liven XFM Synthesiser / Groovebox. Some of his thoughts, opinions and examples on using this device.

Synthstrom Deluge – Making synths from scratch (Tutorial)

This video covers the Synthstrom Deluge’s subtractive synthesis engine in greater detail for different musical ideas.

Prophet 5 Rev4 filter FM pad

3 minute guide to synthsounds (more or less) Here I show how to do a FM pad on the lovely Prophet 5 Rev4.

Eurorack Jam: TipTop BD909, WMD Chimera, Befaco Percall, Erica Synths Bassline &Drum Modulator et al

Setup with the Noise Engineering Horologic Solum, Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis, TipTop Audio BD909, WMD Chimera, Befaco Percall, Erica Synths Bassline & Erica Synths Drum Modulator et al.