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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 8 Feb 2022: Cubasis 3.4, MU610 kit organ, binaural sounds, expressive sounds, Micromoog restoration, cicada wings

Steinberg has announced the availability of the latest version of its mobile DAW Cubasis. Version 3.4 includes Ableton Link, opening up many more possibilities for linking apps and devices together.

There are also over 75 other improvements in Cubasis 3.4, with many of them being implemented as a result of customer requests. These include performance upgrades in iOS and Android.

Josty Electronic MU610 kit organ finished

You’ll have seen the previous two video links to the modified build of a Josty Electronics MU610 kit organ, and now organfairy is on the final leg, finishing off the instrument with a proper case. There’s also a demo of the finished instrument from about four minutes in.

How to Get Binaural Sounds From Your Synthesizer

Binaural sounds used to be the realm of synthesizers specifically designed to produce them, using fully stereo signal paths – synthesizers like the UDO Super 6. But not any longer! In this video, I shows you how to produce binaural sounds using the synth you already own!

How to create expressive sounds on a synthesiser (Novation Peak sound design tutorial)

Synthesisers have this image of producing machinelike, controlled sounds. In this beginners sounddesign tutorial, let’s set up a synthesiser so it reacts to your style of playing in a more natural way, allowing for a more expressive, lyrical style of playing, like on a piano.

Doug’s Micromoog Restore (by synthpro)

This is a video going over Doug’s Micromoog I just finished restoring. This is my favorite single oscillator synthesizer and I go through of what makes it so great.

Cicada: Making Modular A Playable Instrument

Vibrators, rubbers, and lasers. This is the life.