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Daily Roundup 1 Feb 2022: Steinway VR, Live update, miniKORG 700FS, vocal loops, mix:analog summing mixer, wind synths, Magyrus, Korg Modwave

VR App puts a Steinway in your room

You may be lucky enough to be able to afford a Steinway piano but how do you know your house is big enough for it to live comfortably and provide enjoyment for you?

There’s an app for that.

An Augmented Reality (AR) company (Membit Inc) has launched Steinway Room View, which enables piano buyers to see what a new piano will look like in a home, studio, classroom, or performance space — completely virtually.

The Steinway Room View app’s seamless user interface allows both piano buyers and designers to work directly with Steinway Sales Representatives to experiment with how different piano sizes, colors and finishes will look in their chosen space(s). The AR pianos in Steinway Room View are stunningly detailed, realistic and accurate in scale.

While the app was developed against the backdrop of the pandemic and need for physical distancing requirements, it is ultimately a strategic move on Steinway’s part to embrace emerging technology.

iOS app link:

Ableton Live 11.1 now available

Ableton has announced the 11.1 version of Live is now available as a free download.

Updates include native support for Apple M1 chips, plus an updated Shifter device which adds a new mode for real-time monophonic pitch shifting, delay, an envelope section, an LFO and glide functionality; two new Max for Live utilities: Align Delay and Shaper MIDI; plus improvements to comping, updates to Clip handling, and more.

Full list of updates are listed on the release notes page.

miniKORG 700FS Synthesizer (Overview & Demo)

The latest synthesizer released by Korg is a recreation of the first synthesizer released by Korg – it’s the miniKORG 700FS! Syntaur’s Sam Mims takes a close look at this unique synth, and the history behind it, then takes it a hundred feet below ground for a special performance.

SEIDS VOCAL LOOPS DEBUT – Female Vocals , Synths, Bass, & Drums

Features: 115 Royalty Free Vocal & Synth Loops | Universal .WAV, & Apple Looped .AIFF Included | 48kHz 24 bit stereo files.

mix:analog summing mixer shown off

We’re finally showing off our summing mixer, and there’s some audio tech news in the mix as well as Mix: Analog 3.0 design progress!

Wind Synths: What Can They Do For Me and My Program?

Here’s a preview of my presentation for the TMEA Music Conference, Feb. 10, 2022 in San Antonio, TX. I’ve left out a few points so I can get it down to a manageable duration for Youtube. As you can see by the title, it’s designed to show instrumental music educators how a wind synth can benefit their teaching and their students’ learning. I think every instrumental music program should have at least one. These are some of the key points I’ll demonstrate either live or through video performance:

  1. Demonstrate Musical Concepts in Class
  2. Substitute for an Expensive Instrument
  3. Marching Band Soloist or Pit
  4. Explore Music of Other Cultures / Styles
  5. Silent Practice
  6. Sound Like Anything You Want
  7. Do Wind Synths Sound “Real?”
  8. Recreate Historically Accurate Instruments
  9. Play Chords and “Impossible” Licks
  10. Use Extended or Borrowed Performance Techniques
  11. No Transposition Problems
  12. No Weight Problems
  13. 7 Octave Range

Magyrus – Limited Edition

Magyrus is an innovative and fun synth gather with 8 steps sequencer, cv + clock divider, sawtooth waveform, filter, also include our traditional tap sequencer x 2 which you can control percussion flavours sections and noise + square wave.

Sismo conceptualise Magyrus as a semi modular with 3 audio output and cv in, external clock in and 4 clock divider out. The machine features two distinct sides that complement each other during the performance. One side lets you play with the elliptic 8 steps sequencer and a clock divider (1/2/4/8). The other side you can adjust filter cut off, frequencies and switch on the record and clear tap sequencer with an input clock to play polyrhythms.

We describe the sound of Magyrus as a raw, hash, noise filtering, cut-off, saw and square waves, low bass percussion, polyrhythms and frequencies.

These units are a limited edition.


  • 8 Eight step sequencer / tap sequencer x 2
  • 3 audio output
  • CV in
  • Sync in – Sync out
  • Clock divider (/1 /2 /4 /8)
  • 2 square wave oscillators
  • 1 sawtooth oscillator + filter section

Korg Modwave: Let’s Build a (Dark, Moody and Gritty) Pad

Hello Modwave! This is Korg’s Hybrid Wavetable/Sampler/Virtual Analog synth which also happens to have one of the most interesting modulation implementations of any synth I’ve tried.

As tradition dictates, all poly-synths new to the channel must introduce themselves by way of a Pad patch building video. Today we’re going to explore the darker, moodier and grittier side of the Modwave as I try to create the kind of pad that might appeal to a certain Mr Reznor.