PSimprov: A year of daily improvisation

As part of my Depth Year, I’m challenging myself to create and publish an improvisation every day in 2018.

I know a variety of factors will see to make that difficult. Fitting it into my schedule is the least of the issues — perfectionism and fear will be the biggest issues.

PSimprov Year of Daily Improvisation

My ‘rules’ (which may be subject to change):

1. Create a one-take improvisation using the keyboards surrounding me in my room, recording into my computer and then publishing on YouTube.

2. Doing no (or absolute minimum) editing or tweaking of the audio.

Although I’m publishing on YouTube, I will generally not be creating any fancy videos. Perhaps on some days I will film myself playing, but that adds an extra level of complexity and time to the whole procedure. That said, you can be sure that it’s me playing the music.

I will be publishing links as I go along using the hashtag #psimprov on Twitter and the Piano & Synth Facebook page. There’ll also be links from this page.

Feel free to join in as well, either every day or whenever you can, using the #psimprov hashtag.