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Yamaha expands Disklavier E3 digital acoustic performance reproducing pianos [NAMM13]

Yamaha has announced new models in its line of Disklavier E3 and E3PRO Series performance reproducing digital/acoustic grand pianos.

These models combine the unrivalled touch, tone, elegance and style of traditional Yamaha acoustic pianos with cutting edge digital piano features that enable the instruments to play themselves – with exact keystrokes and pedal movements – in accompaniment to performance content streamed over the Internet or stored in its internal memory. New features and price points provide a whole new world of musical experiences to consumers whether playing or listening to their favourite music.

The E3/E3PRO Series models feature Yamaha’s proprietary RemoteLive™ technology that enables pianists to perform live in one location and have their keystrokes and pedal movements transmitted live to other networked Disklavier pianos anywhere in the world. Perfectly synchronized video can also be integrated in performances shared over the Internet or recorded locally.

These models also provide access to a wide range of previously recorded content — that will also be played keystroke by keystroke on the instrument — through downloads from Internet Direct Connection (IDC) and DisklavierRadio™ that delivers uninterrupted streams of music from more than 25 different channels covering genres from classical, jazz, pop, rock and beyond. In addition, the Disklavier E3 models are sold with more than 400 songs on exclusive Yamaha CDs that bring the instruments to life.

A free iOS Disklavier Controller app also enables operation of many of the models’ basic functions (volume, song playback start and stop, music media selection, DisklavierRadio™, etc.) to be operated from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For more information, visit Players and music fans can also easily control the Disklavier E3 piano’s many cutting edge features via intuitively designed remotes and the electro-luminescent display panels on the instruments.

The E3 has an intuitive interface so users can capitalize on the entire range of Disklavier features immediately without a long learning curve. Musicians can also record video of their own performances, with a standard camcorder connected to the Disklavier E3 piano, which can be played on demand with their keystrokes and pedal movements. Up to 128 MB of content can be stored on Disklavier E3 Series pianos.

Users can adjust the volume, even to whisper-soft levels for private practice or late night playing, while still retaining Yamaha’s renowned sound fullness and clarity. The capability to record and transfer music from one Disklavier to another using a USB memory stick allows students to record their teacher’s material for practice at home.

Availability information to be confirmed.