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Blipblox MyTRACKS: music making and production for kids of all ages

Blipblox has teased NAMM attendees with a cool new music making ‘toy’ aimed at kids, which will land sometime in 2024.

The Blipblox MyTRACKS may look a bit clunky — an interesting hybrid of toddler toy, small spacecraft control panel and controls from a ’90s home computer driving game controller — but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tat on the inside. Besides, a truly child-friendly instrument needs to be tough as well as engaging.

What we know so far is that it’s an easy-to-use five-track music creation station, which is both fun for kids and yet a real music production tool for adults.

Highlights include:

  • Select from a collection of 48 upgradable acoustic and synthesized instruments.
  • Use effects levers to control filters, delay and pitch bend.
  • Real music production features so you can arrange, record and save complete songs.
  • Sample any sound with built-in microphone.
  • Use sampled sounds to create melodies and beats.
  • Modify sampled sounds with cool effects.
  • Layer instruments and samples and apply effects in the 5-track studio.
  • Drop the beat with dedicated drum track.
  • Record your own melodies using the colorfully lit play pads.
  • Combine loops and beats with live play.
  • 5-pin MIDI Out to connect with a Blipblox Synthesizer (or other pro music device).
  • Full MIDI In and Out over USB.
  • Battery-operated with built-in speaker.
  • Universal USB-c for power and sound pack upgrades.
  • Safety certified to the highest international standards for 3+ years.

Check out the features in this video:

From the video it does seem as if this product is already very much working. Blipblox hasn’t said why the launch won’t be until 2024. My hunch is they’re still ironing out software or samples etc., or very possibly the casing and design will evolve over the next few months so it’s ready for prime-time next year.

Exact launch date and pricing are to be confirmed. Maybe it will debut at next year’s NAMM.

Some of the question raised so far:

Iis it possible to upload my own sample packs and loops via USB?

The initial release of the product will not allow user-created sample packs and MIDI loops. However, we will be looking at adding this feature in the future. We hope to provide fun sample packs like EDM, rock, jazz, band and orchestra, etc.