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NAMM 2023 Guide

NAMM 2023 ran from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th April. We’re still updating all the major piano, keyboard and synth-related news on this site and will post highlights and links on this page:


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BlackBT announces its new SusEx wireless pedal, suggesting it’s the “critical part of your musical creative workflow” and offering a number of interesting performance and control possibilities for the musician. Demonstrated by Jordan Rudess. [Read more]


Blipblox has teased show-goers with a look at its latest kid-friendly portable music creation station, not destined to land until 2024. The Blipblox MyTRACKS looks like a mashup of kids toy, small spacecraft control panel and ’90s home computer driving game controller, but sounds as if it will deliver the goods for kids and big kids alike. Includes 48 upgradable acoustic and synth instruments, affects levers, and “real music production features”. [Read more]

Blipbox Mytracks coming 2024

It has also demonstrated the SK2, aimed at kids getting started in the world of synthesis and sound design. [Read more]


At present we haven’t seen anything brand new from Casio announced at the show, though they are showing off some of their recent launches including the S1000V which was showcased last year, the new Privia PX-S7000, PX-S6000 and PX-S5000, the PX-S7000 of which is available in striking yellow, and the CT-S1 range.


Dexibell will show its VIVO H10 Dark Red Polished piano series, a “stunning addition to its line of upright and mini-grand digital pianos”. The dark red polished finish is reminiscent of Italy’s most iconic sports car brands, creating a striking and impressive appearance. Tech features in crude True 2 Life technology to capture nuance and detail in acoustic piano sounds, HD multi-sampling, and the latest touch-sensitive keyboard technology featuring hybrid wooden keys in synthetic ebony and ivory finish. [Read more]

Dexibel VIVO H10


Donner has shown off a couple of new products, as well as its slightly older digital piano line, including the D1 which is an entry-level drum machine/beat maker aimed at novice musicians just getting into beatmaking. [Read more]

Also the B1 which is an analog bass synth and sequencer. [Read more]


ERAE has demonstrated its Touch polyphonic MIDI 2.0 controller surface, offering a highly customisable interface with 1000 sensors and low 1ms latency, ideal for live performance and diverse studio setups. [Read more]

Expressive E

An incredible controller synth called Osmose was demoed at NAMM. An exceptionally rich set of key/keybed sensors allow for diverse playing and sound shaping control all from the keys rather than relying on additional controllers. [Read more]


Hammond introduces its fully digital XK-4, providing “the ‘B-3 Experience’ you’ve always wanted”. Lovingly crafted with significant attention to detail, Hammond claims it’s as close as you can get to the original, vintage B-3 thanks to its fully remodelled Tone Wheel 2 sound engine, virtual multi-contact keyboard, and new digital Leslie algorithm. [Read more]

Hammond XK-4


It’s sold 5000 units in Japan and is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to go global; the InstaChord is an interesting and quirky instrument which could delight beginners and seasoned musicians alike. [Read more]


Intellijel shows off its Cascadia semi-modular synth, designed for performance and with a lot of advanced features. [Read more]


Polyend introduces its Tracker Mini, a follow up to the Tracker, which itself is a handheld device taking inspiration from music tracker software which was a big part of the 8-bit and 16-bit scene in the ’80s and ’90s.

Polyend Tracker Mini


Roland is one of several big names not to exhibit at NAMM this year. The changing landscape of music gear and the industry as a whole means it’s not always as important to have a physical presence at even the largest trade show on the planet. Fear not, though, as Roland has already announced a number of new products including:

  • Roland FP Series upgrade of portable digital pianos, including FP-E50, FP-10, FP-30X, FP-60X and FP-90X.
  • Roland GP Series digital grand pianos, including GP-3 Micro Grand, GP-6 Mini Grand, GP-9 Grand Piano and GP-9M Grand Piano.
  • SH-4d Desktop Synthesiser
  • E-X50 Arranger Keyboard
  • AIRA Compact
  • JUNO-X Programmable Polyphonic Synth


SOMA Labs have shown off their TERRA synth, with a striking natural design and a very intriguing playable interface. This “highly conceptual device” has the “core idea… unity of nature and technology, a perfect balance between simplicity and versatility”. [Read more]

Sound Particles

Claiming “the first spatial synthesiser plugin in the world”, SkyDust 3D launches offering a wide variety of audio tools for creating immersive, three-dimensional soundscapes and output in many multichannel formats. [Read more]


Yamaha will show off a number of its new keyboard instruments at the show. These include:

  • Yamaha P-S500 portable digital smart piano, already announced. See its specifications and how it compares with other recent Yamaha P Series models.
  • Yamaha CVP-905, CVP-909 and CVP-909GP: the latest in the company’s line of CFX/Bösendorfer Imperial sampled digital grand pianos.
  • Yamaha CK61/CK88 stage keyboards: see how they compare with Yamaha’s CP/YC models.
  • Yamaha’s Next Generation Transacoustic TC3/TA3: “A true acoustic piano that uses its soundboard to naturally amplify digital sounds, turning your instrument into the world’s most incredible acoustic speaker. Transform your acoustic piano into a Yamaha or Bösendorfer concert grand, an electric piano, harpsichord, organ and more. Then record a track and play along on your acoustic piano. TransAcoustic stretches the imagination and opens up a new world of possibilities.” [Read more]
Yamaha P-S500
Yamaha CK-61
Yamaha Transacoustic TC-3

(11th April 2023) Yamaha will introduce breakthrough products at the show across multiple musical categories, including piano, synthesizer and professional audio. The display will also feature products from Bösendorfer and Steinberg. [Press Release]