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Intellijel Cascadia: advanced performance-oriented semi-modular synth launched

Intellijel has shown off its latest synth, the Cascadia, which is an “advanced, performance-oriented semi-modular” instrument with a nice big price tag ($2,149) but dripping with loveliness.

Highlights of this ‘modern analog architecture’ unit include:

Two Precision Analog VCOs 

  • VCO A is Thru-zero FM-ready with a dedicated Index VCA, Sub Oscillator, PWM and Soft/hard sync.
  • VCO B is a combo VCO/LFO with 4 simultaneous outputs

Six Channel Waveform Mixer 

  • Two patchable (normalled) inputs
  • Noise generator with multiple algorithms.
  • Optional asymmetric soft clipping on the mix output.

Liquid-Sounding, Cascaded 4-Pole Multimode Filter

  • Eight Modes: LP1, LP2, LP4, BP2, BP4, HP4, NT2, Phazor.
  • Additional dedicated outputs for LP4 and HP4.
  • Input Level Knob for fine control of filter input and resonance balance and added drive.
  • Multiple FM inputs and a QM input, all with attenuators.

Wavefolder Circuit

  • West Coast-style parallel wavefolder.
  • Normalled into the auxiliary input on the VCA in parallel with the filter.

Dual Digital Envelopes

  • ENV A is a versatile east coast style ADSR / AHDSR envelope generator with a hold function and dynamic level/time control. Normalled to the VCA to instantly shape your sound.
  • ENV B is a complex, multimode function generator with a West Coast style AR/ASR/Cycling AR, a beat syncable LFO, and Burst generator modes. Normalled to the filter for instant FM without patching.

VCA A and Output Path

  • VCA A is a linear VCA with auxiliary input.
  • Global Output Mixer with overdrive circuit and bypassable asymmetric soft clipping.

Expansive Utilities Sections

Cascadia also features a whole host of utilities for getting the most out of your patches.

The Utility Row

  • Sample and hold circuit with white noise normalled to the input.
  • Slew/Envelope follower.
  • Attenuverter/Mixer with multiple outputs.
  • Triple triangle LFO with rate control, rate input and divided outputs.
  • Triple buffered multiple.
  • Precision adder.
  • Signal inverter.
  • Bi-polar > Unity level shifter.
  • Expression level control for modulation the TRS expression input on an FX pedal.
  • Ring Modulator.
  • VCA B / LPF (LPG) — Auxiliary VCA and 4-Pole Diode Ladder VCF combination for additional dynamics.

The Top Row

  • Easy to access Pitch, Gate, and Velocity CV inputs.
  • Pedal Send and Return FX loop with Wet/Dry control, phase inverter and Line/Pedal level switches.
  • Output Mixer with Overdrive.
  • Eurorack Level Main output with level control for interfacing with other modular gear.

The Outside world — MIDI, Pedal and Audio I/O

Cascadia is equipped with a ton of I/O to get it connected to the rest of your gear.

Rear Panel

  • ¼” Stereo Headphone jack.
  • ¼” Balanced Output Jack.
  • ¼” Balanced Input routed to a slider and output on the main panel for patching anywhere into Cascadia.
  • ¼” TS Pedal FX Send Return and ¼” TRS Expression Out.
  • MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru and USB-MIDI all routed to the MIDI > CV Interface on the top panel.

MIDI > CV Interface

Deeper MIDI configuration is available with our Intelljel Config App (link below).

  • MIDI Pitch / Velocity Outputs and Learn Button
  • MIDI Gate / Trig Outputs
  • MIDI CC / Mod — Learnable and assignable to any CC on any Channel
  • MIDI LFO — Multimode LFO synced with MIDI or Tap Clock
  • MIDI CLK — Dividable MIDI clock with alternate Tap Clock functionality.

Take a look at the demo video:

Product page