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FL Studio 21.2 upgrade includes stem separation and AI mastering

FL Studio DAW has had an upgrade to version 21.2 and now includes some incredible features including Stem Separation, AI Mastering and FL Cloud.

Stem Separation

Stem Separation is a sophisticated audio manipulation function which isolates a mixed audio track into constituent ‘stems’ (audio elements). FL Studio is said to be the first widely amiable DAW to include this AI-powered feature, and will extract up to four tracks from any audio clip to include drums, bass, instruments and vocals.

Each stem is loaded onto a child Playlist Track relative to the Track the source Audio Clip is located on. Extraction is based on an Machine Learning ‘AI’ model with the results dependent on the source audio. Options include:

  • Stems – Choose the audio you want to extract (Drums, Bass, Instruments and or Vocals). Each item that is selected will create a new Playlist Track.
  • Muting options – Choose to Mute the source ‘Audio Clip’, the ‘Source Track’ or to ‘Do nothing’. Normally you want to mute the source Audio so you can preview the component stems. When all stems are played together they should sound (more or less) identical to the source Audio Clip.
  • Limit CPU usage – Since the extraction process for longer audio can take some time (minutes), and FL Studio will be unavailable for work while this happens, you can choose to limit CPU usage so your computer remains responsive for other tasks.

FL Cloud

Built into FL Studio but requiring a subscription to use fully — although some limited free options are available — it includes a full-integrated sample library, AI-powered mastering to create masters in seconds—tailored with presets for all major genres and loudness-optimized for all major streaming and download platforms—and digital distribution via DistroKid, allowing for an unlimited number of tracks to be released to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms.

Other Updates

Other features in FL Studio include Kepler (Producer Edition), a painstaking recreation of an iconic analog synth from the ’80s; Vintage Phaser, an all-new engine for Vintage Phaser featuring a feedback inversion control; Audio clips for Fruity Edition; and coloured waveform customisation.

Available now.