Ototo: Experimental Synth turns anything conductive into an instrument

Ototo experimental synth

Ototo experimental synth

Meet Ototo, an experimental synthesizer which can turn anything with a conductive surface into part of a musical instrument.

The Ototo board consists of 12 touch pads which can be touched directly to trigger notes, or alternatively connected up via cables to any conductive object. It also has four sensor inputs, control preset buttons, a micro-USB port, and audio output jack, as well as a large built-in speaker.

Each of the four sensors affects a different aspect of the sound, so manipulating them separately or together allows for live crafting of each sound.

It doesn’t have any MIDI on board, although there could well be a way of connecting up to analog devices via CV/Gate.

Ototo is due to launch later this year. Exact pricing and availability to be confirmed. Check out the video for more info: