AUUG: Motion synth for iPhone/iPod touch



We’ve just seen this amazing new gadget which attaches to your iPhone or iPod touch, turning it into a complete motion controller for use with a range of apps and other devices.

The AUUG Motion Synth consists of hardware which allows you to attach your Apple device to your wrist without having to hold on to it, plus a physical grid that fits over the screen so it’s easy to tell where each one of the eight touch pads are located.

The AUUG Motion Synth tracks a user’s movements and translates them into signals which other apps or devices can use to create sounds, trigger effects, and so on. The video below gives just a taster of what can be achieved, including some amazing live video playback effects and vocal harmonising.

The system can work both wirelessly and via wired connection, though obviously there’s much more freedom if it’s used wirelessly.

Along with the hardware comes the AUUG Cloud which allows users to store and exchange saved presets with each other.

The project was initially listed on Kickstarter and became fully funded. It’s now available for pre-order directly from the AUUG web site.