VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor plugin from Pentode Audio

VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor

VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor

The VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor is an analog-modelled VST compressor featuring “warm analog, fat pumping and transparent sound.”

Pentode Audio says that, compared to modern compressors, VTC-1 has a different inner structure and principle of work. There is no threshold knob, so you set the amount of compression by increasing or decreasing the input level as you would on an analog tube compressor.

The compression amount knob is similar to the ratio knob on modern compressors. You can select two compression curves: significant compression or a smooth curve. If you prefer a fat/massive sound you can boost the input signal of the vacuum tubes by turning the tube drive knob.

Main features are:

  • compression amount knob
  • standard attack and release knobs with analog modeled behavior
  • input knob that control amount of compression / level of compression
  • compression amount knob (similar to ratio selector)
  • switch: significant compression (hard curve) or smooth curve (soft curve)
  • tube drive knob for real sounding analog warmth and saturation
  • post-gain knob
  • bypass knob and gain reduction meter

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