Reason 6: Name Your Upgrade Price

Today’s the day Reason and Record users can elect to upgrade to the new Reason 6 for whatever they think it’s worth.

A number of musicians, authors and others have already adopted the “pay what you want” model for their albums, books and other merchandise, so it’s not surprising that Propellerhead — creators of the Reason software — are electing to do the same.

The offer’s only good for today and the month of October, after which Reason & Record users will have to pay the standard upgrade price that owners of a single software package do.

It’s a great way to get the updated version into the hands of many. Here’s Propellerhead’s synopsis of what you get in this upgrade:

To owners of both Reason and Record, the Reason 6 upgrade adds Pulveriser, a sound crushing effect with crunchy compression, dirty distortion and flexible modulation; The Echo, advanced stereo echo with modern, analog and tape delay emulation; and Alligator, a three band pattern gate for complex rhythmic texturing. Interface enhancements, high definition audio transpose, a massively expanded sound bank and true 64-bit compatibility are just the icing on the cake. Want to see the new effect devices in action before you decide? Check out these videos below for detailed looks at their capabilities

You can find out much more about it at the Reason: Pay What You Want web site.

So, what’s Reason 6 worth to you?