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CORAL multitimbral synth launched by Oxi Instruments

Oxi Instruments has relealed its latest multitimbral synth, the CORAL. It features eight full voices, polyphonic massive sound, multi-part, multi-engine, a WAV player, custom wavetables and built-in FXs.

It claims to be the market’s only fully multitimbral synth, which we’re not convinced about, but no matter, here are some more details:


Big Sound

Lots of computing power to deliver rich sounding engines, in an 8 voice package.  One voice can have up to 8 oscillators depending on the engine, which means 64 oscillators playing at once!


Coral features 8 full voices with independent filter, amplifier and modulation envelopes. Individual FX sends and individual parameters can be set per voice! 

You can play polyphonically using only 1 CV and 1 Gate.  Coral will allocate a new voice every time it reads a new note on the V/Oct input.


Different sound engines can be assigned to each voice from the 10 available.  New engines will be availabe through firmware updates.


The 8 voices can be freely split into different parts. Every single parameter (filter, envelope settings, engine, FX sends, pan, etc.) can be independently set for each part or voice to create complex patches out of the box.

Sample Playback

CORAL supports almost any kind of wav file: 16, 24 and 32 bit mono and stereo files, no limit to playback time! 
Add overdrive to your samples, sculpt them using the filter and envelopes, pitch them up and down in tune and even modulate the sample file or folder in real time using the CV inputs or CC MIDI commands!

Custom Wavetables

You can load any wavetable .wav file to the SD card for the Wavetable engine. The wavetable can be morphed in 3 dimensions. Use our OXI Wave APP to create and edit 3D wavetables.

MIDI Integration

Control any part’s parameter via MIDI CC, from FXs sends to sample selection. Combine it with CV signals for a killer compact combo.


Space engine to create deep atmospheres and rich ensemble chorus. Every effect send can be set per voice.


Coral has been upgraded with MPE support, turning it into a full polyphonic 8-voice MPE synthesizer.

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