CrazySpace Gravity Synth [iOS App]

I’ve been a big fan of the range of interesting sound generation apps for iOS, and the CrazySpace Gravity Synth looks like a pretty interesting concept.

It features:

  • a “powerful synthesis engine with a total of fifteen high quality oscillators”
  • 5-note polyphony
  • 16-bit 44.1kHz audio
  • high quality resonant low-pass filter
  • programmable scale system with access to 20 well-known scales in any key

The app is described as:

“Gravity modulation is controlled via the displayed objects orbiting a central point. Each object represents an oscillator in the synthesizer engine. The size of the each object correlates to the oscillators volume. Using gravity to modulate individual oscillator volume creates a movement to the sound which is not present in traditional subtractive synthesis.”

Reviews to date have been positive:

  • “Good sounding synth, the low notes sound particularly juicy with the resonant lowpass filter. Good polyphony and interaction with no notable latency.”
  • “Even a beginner can create some impressive sounds with this synth. Lots of fun and an innovative interface.”
  • “The intuitive control system will have you playing in minutes however you will keep returning to the app for all the different sounds you can make with the deep settings.”

It costs $1.99/£1.49.

iTunes App Store link