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Acoustic & Electronic Instruments, Musicians, News, Tutorials, Videos & Interesting Finds

Daily Roundup 22 Jan 2022: 8-bit sound digitizers, top 10 synths, REmindE? multi-effects, guitar pedals…

Early 8-Bit Sound Digitizers

The 8-Bit Guy takes a look and demonstrates two very early sound/speech digitizers which came out for a number of 8-bit computers including the Commodore 64 and Apple IIe.

Experience the joy and frustration of the SFX Sound Designer and Covox Voicemaster, plus there’s a funny story about talking backwards and cult British sci-fi shows Doctor Who and Red Dwarf.

Top 10 Synthesizers Of All Time

Controversial or obvious? You decide, as Doctor Mix counts down the top ten synths of history. Do you agree?

First Look at the Enjoy Electronics REmindE? desktop multi-effects processor

The REmindE? Desktop Multi-effects Processor by Enjoy Electronics is an innovative way of using audio effects allowing you to break creative boundaries. In this video Jack takes a look at what the REmindE? can do and gives us his first impressions.

The Synthesist’s Guide to Guitar Pedals ep1 // Power, Stereo, & Levels

There’s no logical reason not to introduce guitar effects pedals into your synth setup, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, well-tested way of experimenting with sound using a compact, physical device — it’s processing audio so it’s not just for guitars!

Take a look at this first part in a series explaining the things you need to know to get your synths and pedals to play nicely together.

Bösendorfer launches free Manchester concert series

“Viennese piano maker Bösendorfer has unveiled a free Salon Concert Series in Manchester, UK, featuring eight concerts between 21 January and 10 June 2022. The new series is presented in partnership with Forsyths Music Shop and will provide a platform for leading musicians with strong links to Manchester.

All performances will showcase the flagship Bösendorfer 230VC Concert Grand, an instrument which International Piano‘s Jessica Duchen has described as ‘a Musikverein on legs’. She says: ‘It has everything we love about Bösendorfers: the rich, dusky tone, the eloquent legato, the mellow, relaxed sensation of sinking into the keys; but ask it for brilliance and it jumps to it, pronto. Try its magnificence at high volume and its sound flies free. Require hushed pianissimos and it goes soft to a magical degree, without any loss of evenness.”

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