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Daily Roundup 24 Jan 2022: Piano BBQ, piano masterclass, upright into grand, Malcolm Troup, Neo Piano Chapters…

Piano BBQ Car

No, you’re not dreaming, Handy Geng has cerated a combined piano and barbecue unit which is fully functioning, with skewers turning as keys are pressed, and can be driven around on its three wheels. Totally, completely and utterly bonkers.

Watch the construction and a demonstration in the video below.

Jamie Foxx taught by Ray Charles

Video has emerged showing Jamie Foxx being taught to play his style of piano by the legendary Ray Charles, prior to the making of the film Ray.

Foxx was already a proficient pianist so it didn’t take much for Charles to build him up to be… well, him.

“Taylor Hackford, who directed Ray, said in the clip that he had no idea Foxx was as talented a pianist as he turned out to be in the movie. Hackford says he was planning to hire a pianist to play the part in the movie but when he saw Foxx’s prowess, he knew he’d found the perfect actor for the part.”

Read more and watch the video at American Songwriter.

“How to Return to the Piano as an Adult” masterclass

Steinway & Sons artist Alisdair Hogarth is set to teach a three-part online piano masterclass series over the next two months. 

‘How to Return to the Piano as an Adult’ will look at revisiting the basics, building your piano fitness, and learning how to improvise popular music.

Each masterclass is one hour long and will include time for a Q&A session at the end.”

Read more at Pianist magazine.

Mechanism claims upright piano can sound and feel like a grand

A series of components called the Fandrich vertical mechanism of action claims it is possible to make an upright piano feel and sound like a grand piano.

“This is no small revolution. It is a major breakthrough in the world of sound, technology. The same upright piano sounds twice as good and plays at least twice as well. It’s impossible that once it gets going, the manufacturers won’t get on board,” said Oliver Esmonde-White of Piano Esmonde White, who developed the piano.

Praise for the technology has come from musicians including Oliver Jones, Gregory Charles and Philip Chiu.

The components required should make new upright pianos no more expensive than the currently used hammers, while existing uprights can also be reworked to take advantage of it.

Read much more about how the system works and its potential at Montreal Gazette.

Malcolm Troup obituary

“Malcolm Troup, who has died aged 91, was a distinguished pianist, musicologist and educator. He was also my predecessor as chairman of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe.

He was master of the Worshipful Company of Musicians (1999-2000), vice-president of the European Piano Teachers’ Association, a governor of the Music Therapy Charity Trust, chairman of the Ernest Bloch Society, and co-founder in 1993 with Carola Grindea of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe, which he chaired till 2014. To all of these roles he brought his characteristic energy, vision, commitment and brilliance, expressed in trenchant speech and writing.”

Read more at The Guardian.

Neo Piano Chapters: Imperial

Neo Piano Chapters is a VST/AU/Sample Library plugin aims at providing the highest quality piano sound with an very affordable price.

Neo Piano Chapters: Imperial features one of the two piano sets of Imperial Grand, which is also one of Sound Magic’s oldest pianos, the nominee of 29th TEC Award. It samples from a Bösendorfer 290 Special Edition which has a famously rich and dark sound, the Bösendorfer 290SE establishes an incredible level of realism through hyper-detailed sound. From bass to highs, its rarity stands out across music genres ranging from new age to classical.

Product Features:

  • Offering authentic sample sounds with the playability of a modeled piano, hybrid modeling technology embodies over 12GB samples.
  • Style Designer helps set the piano’s musical style with a simple knob, be it pop, jazz, rock, classical or soft, and change internal parametric.
  • HD Velocity Layers 3 with HDr technology can express up to 65,536 velocity layers and around 1000 layers have an audible difference.
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project.
  • Scala Tuning System allows users to experiment with different tunings and choose from more than 10,000 tunings.
  • The Multi-Dimensional Resonance engine perfect represent different resonance inside a piano.
  • Adjustable sympathetic resonances.
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools will check the response of your keyboard and pedals automatically to find your ideal velocity response curve in seconds.
  • Differnt GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution

Product page

Patching 4 Behringer synths together

This patch is designed to sync all the synths together. I feed my clock from Ableton to the Neutron (which has a digital clock for its LFO). I then use a few hopscotch patch cables to send that LFO to the Pro-1’s filter and the K-2’s trigger and a few other parameters within the Neutron patch bay. This allows both of those to be synced with my Neutron/DAW. The Wasp just feeds its 2 oscillators into the Pro-1 for added richness. That’s only the tip of the iceberg with this patch, but we’ll save more for later!

Metal Tongue Drum Synth Jam

Short jam with some synths (Evolver, Virus-C, Rings), pedals (Count to 5, DS-2), and a metal tongue drum.

What Happens When a Pianist/Synth Player Obsesses over Tone

The journey and evolution of my keyboards, synths and ultimately guitar and pedal collections

IK Multimedia X-TIME Stereo Delay Pedal Sound Demo With Synthesizers

In which, I give you a first sound demo of the new Amplitude X-TIME stereo delay, a new effects pedal with 16 unique algorithms from IK Multimedia. It is one of the first hardware effects from the Italian company.

The Yamaha reface CS, Native Instruments Maschine+ and Korg minilogue xd serve here as synth sound generators. Sound Demo II is coming soon.

Boss RV 500 Shimmer effect with synthesizers

There seems to be a lot of demo’s of the shimmer effect on the Boss RV-500 with guitars but not that many with synths so I decided to record this quick demo of the shimmer effect on my synths. Synths used: Behringer Deepmind 6 (Bass Drone), Korg Krome EX (Lead)