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Erica Synths reveal Hexinverter Mindphaser & VCNO

Adding to their line of Eurorack modules, Erica Synth has announced the availability of the Mindphaser complex dual oscillator, which builds on and advances decades-old principles first imagined by the pioneers of electronic music synthesis.

Mindphaser generates sounds through its dual VCO cores: the Carrier and Modulator, and in addition to these cores, a palette of intermodulation capability is offered through the Modulation Bus (ModBus) and a separate, supplementary through-zero phase modulation (TZ-PM) bus. The sound is further sculpted by a final set of tools contained in the Waveshaper, before reaching the final output.

Mindphaser is 30JHP wide and 24mm deep and draws 188mA/-107mA. Available for €460 and estimated to begin shipping at the end of the month.

Alongside this, their VCNO is a noise oscillator, capable of producing full spectrum white noise and various random signals. Unlike other noise generators, VCNO can also be used like a VCO, with the ability to modulate pitch over CV and us its multiple outputs simultaneously, each having a distinct sonic character. You can also patch it into a VCA or use it to mud late and trigger other elements in a modular system.

Features include:

  • NOISE is the main LFSR output. With the pitch knob turned fully clockwise this will output pure white noise. As you turn the pitch down, the noise evolves into crunchy noise, reminiscent of vintage video game sounds
  • GATE is a DC-coupled output. This is perfect for supplying random triggers in your system
  • SCREECH features a dark, howling overtone to the main NOISE output
  • SIZZLE features a related control, which takes the output from pure white noise when turned fully clockwise to a vinyl-like crackle when turned anti-clockwise
  • TEAR sounds like the noise generator is broken and tearing itself apart
  • All outputs work simultaneously and are simultaneously affected by the pitch knob or CV
  • The frequency of VCNO can be modulated via CV – just patch any CV signal into this jack
  • A clock signal input bypasses the internal frequency generator. You can apply a clock from a trigger sequencer to create a pseudorandom drum trigger pattern synced to the rest of your drums.

VCNO is 6HP wide, 30mm deep, and draws 49mA/-39mA at 12V.

Available for €165.