Yamaha PSR-EW410 and PSR-E463 portable keyboards introduced

Yamaha has introduced two new models in its popular PSR-E series. These entry-level models are typically aimed at beginning keyboard players, although they have plenty of features for more advanced players also.

The PSR-EW410 is the new flagship model, featuring 76 keys, a Groove Creator function for adding intros, section changes and musical climaxes to grooves in much the same way as DJ controls electronic dance music.

A new quick sampling feature makes it possible to capture audio samples to USB or internal memory, for later playback using the keys. Assignable Live Control knobs let users quickly adjust sounds on-the-fly.

Yamaha PSR-EW410

Yamaha has increased the number of instrument voices, on-board backing styles, and storage for expansion styles, when compared to previous models.

Both models also fixture and auxiliary in jack for allowing users to connect an external music player. The advanced melody suppressor takes incoming audio and lowers the volume of lead vocals and instruments to create “minus-1” karaoke style mixes to play and sing along with.

The PSR-E463 has many of the same features but with 61 keys.

The PSR-EW410 Will retail for $599 and, while the PSR-E463 will retail at $479. Both available in May 2018.