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Free Alchemy Player updates to version 1.20

alchemy player

Camel Audio has announced the latest update to its Alchemy Player software. This is touted as a major upgrade and features:

New formats – 64-bit and RTAS

  • 64-bit support for Mac and Windows – access unlimited memory
  • RTAS Support for Pro Tools on Mac and Windows

SFZ Sample Playback Support

  • SFZ support – high quality loading of 3rd party and converted SFZs
  • Key switching for fast access to articulations
  • Round robin support for added realism
  • Unlimited zones for velocity, round robin, key switches…
  • Intelligent sample memory handling halves the sample memory required

Improved GUI and New Skin

  • New ‘Nightshade’ skin by BitPlant
  • Switch skins from the file menu

Other New Features

  • Randomise snapshots option
  • Support for shortcuts or aliases to folders
  • Improved MIDI program change implementation
  • Easier, faster, more reliable sound library installation
  • Supports new ‘.CamelSounds’ file type for easier installation
  • Improved stability and GUI handling in all hosts
  • Improved Cameleon preset import
  • Full Alchemy Demo period increased to 4 weeks
  • Save consolidated no longer copies factory samples
  • User details are no longer displayed
  • Faster updating of re-mix pad and other controls
  • Copy to all snapshots now works for snapshot volume
  • All submenus now display a check mark
  • Comment lines now supported in SFZ files

Number of Sounds: 200 (1600 variations)

Sound Categories: 37 Soundscapes, 34 Pads, 20 Arpeggiated, 20 Basses, 15 Loops, 15 Synths, 11 Leads, 9 Sound Effects, 8 Mallets, 7 Keys, 6 Guitars, 6 Vocals, 6 Strings, 3 Organs, 3 Woodwinds

Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Film Music, IDM, Dance/Trance, Techno/Electro, Pop

Sound Designers: Paul Nauert, Lotuzia, Chris Sciurba, Martin Walker, Luftrum, Shaun Wallace, Tim Conrardy, Ole Jeppesen, biomechanoid, bManic, M. Lewis Osborne, Denis Goekdag, Tasmodia, Corin Neff, John Lehmkuhl, Robert Rich, Jim Hunter, Arksun, Gareth L Devlin, Ed Ten Eyck, Michael Kastrup, Junkie XL, Adam Fielding, Adam Van Baker, Birds Use Stars, Steffen Presley, Daniel Clarke, Yuroun, Beej, Richard Devine, Ian Boddy, Himalaya, Artvera, Pendle Poucher, Christian Kjeldsen, Julian Ray, Aluisio, Vladimir Stepanov

Download Size: 562 MB

It’s free as much as because Camel Audio would love you to upgrade to the full Alchemy software. Still, as they say on their own web site: “Alchemy Player may be the only sample player you ever need”.

Check it out here.