JR Hexaton Pro comes to iPhone: Jordan Rudess approved!

jr-hexatone-proDevelopers continue to push the envelope for using the iPhone as a music creation device. JR Hexaton Pro is one of the latest rhythm generators/live performance apps available.

Pairing Amidio, makers of other hit iPhone apps such as Star Guitar and noise.io with legendary keyboard player Jordan Rudess (who demoed Yamaha’s Tenori-On last year) and you know you’re going to get something pretty special.

It’s pretty unique too, being the first drum machine / rhythm and loop generator built on a hexagonal playing surface. It also responds to the iPhone’s movements, making for some interesting live performance possibilities.

Amidio describes it:

“JR Hexatone Pro is something totally new. There’s nothing like it, it creates sonic textures based on absolutely unique principles. It can be called a 6-channel 6-directional step sequencer with variable step length and artificial intelligence of each channel. Given that you can easily load your custom samples, you can create anything, any kind of loops, for all music styles.

The best way to see what’s going on is to watch Jordan demo the app.

Alternatively, check out the factory presets here:

It’s available from the iTunes Store right now.