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Korg DS-DAC-100 1-bit USB digital/analog converter

Korg DS-DAC-100
Korg DS-DAC-100

OK, so there’s a lot of letters in DS-DAC-100, but all you really need to know is that it’s Korg’s latest 1-bit digital-analog converter.

Korg boasts the unit has both beautiful sound and design. It features AudioGate 3, realtime DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Fconversion, native DSD playback of 2.8224 MHz or 5.6448 MHz DSD files, pro-quality hardware design, and stable Windows and Mac drivers.

Korg says:

“Simply connect the DS-DAC-100/100m to your computer via USB cable, and you have a high-quality audio playback system. The system consists of AudioGate 3 software that plays back audio material from your computer with the best possible quality, together with the DS-DAC-100/100m which converts the data from AudioGate 3 into an analog signal for playback through your headphones or speaker system. When it comes to high-quality playback of computer audio, the software and hardware are equally important; if either is lacking, you can’t expect optimal audio quality. With its long history of developing both software and hardware that meets professional demands for quality, KORG was uniquely able to create this ideal music playback environment.”

Full specifications:

DA Converter: Cirrus Logic CS4398

Audio Interface

Number of Channels: 2
Input Format (USB):
Host Interface: USB2.0 (High Speed)
Audio Driver: AASIO (DSD playback is supported by the DSD option of ASIO 2.1 and later), WDM, Core Audio


Indicator: Power indicator x 2 (LED), Sampling frequency indicator x 8 (LED)
Power: USB bus power (5V, Max: 500mA)
Power Consumption: Max: 2.5W
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 207 x 160 x 60.0 mm / 8.15 x 6.30 x 2.36 inches (including protrusions)
Weight: 862 g / 1.90 lbs.

Main Standards

Frequency Response Characteristics: 10Hz – 20kHz ±1dB (fs=44.1kHz/48kHz), 10Hz – 40kHz ±1dB
S/N: 105dB(TYP.) 20Hz – 20kHz, IHF-A
THD+N: 0.005%(TYP.) 20Hz – 20kHz


Connector: RCA pin Jack (unbalanced) / XLR (balanced)
Load Impedance: More than 10k?
Nominal Level: -6dBV
Maximum Level: +6dBV (0dBFS 0dB-SACD)


Connector: ?6.3mm stereo phone jack
Load Impedance: More than 16?
Maximum Level: 85mW + 85mW @32?

USB (Device)

Connector: Type B
Format: USB 2.0 compliant high-speed

Accessories: USB cable, Spike mount x3