Korg microPIANO compact digital piano introduced [NAMM11]

Most digital pianos take up significantly less space than their upright or grand acoustic cousins, but some can still be a challenge to locate in smaller spaces or transport around.

Hoping to solve that problem, without skimping on quality, comes the Korg microPIANO.

It uses the same high quality stereo sampled Korg piano sounds, along with a range of other instrument sounds, but features a carefully designed 61-key mini piano keyboard.

korg micropiano

From what I can tell, this “mini” keyboard is slightly shorter (from front to back) than a standard piano keyboard, meaning both the white and black keys aren’t as long. This isn’t the same as the mini keys commonly found on Casio’s entry level keyboards which are also much narrower, and consequently quite difficult to play if you’re used to real piano keys.

The keyboard features Korg’s “Natural Touch”, so it should still prove very responsive to the player’s touch.

The microPIANO even features an opening lid which, when lifted, reveals the speaker and simple control panel.

61 voices include 25 “short phrase sounds” which can help provide accompaniment. There are also 40 demo songs built in.

It’s available in three colours — red and black with a mirror finish, or white.

Exact pricing and availability to be confirmed.