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Korg NTS-2 oscilloscope multifunction utility kit launched

Korg has announced the release of its Nu:Tekt oscilloscope kit as a DIY multifunction tool for musicians, featuring a four-channel oscilloscope for monitoring control voltage and audio signals, plus waveform generator, spectrum analyser and tuner functionality.

The DIY aspect means that this comes in kit form which must be assembled at home by the user. Looks like a fun project which yields an interesting end product. Assembly is touted to take only twenty minutes and requires no soldering.

Korg’s rationale for the device is that learning about how synths work and manipulate sounds is often easier if there is a way of visualising the audio, waveforms, voltages and so on. The full color output allows signals to be seen and tweaked, encouraging further experimentation and learning.

The oscilloscope, once the mainstay of a science laboratory, has been designed here with the musician in mind, allowing instant viewing of signal patterns and the like. Here we get a four channel oscilloscope, and dual stereo inputs allowing four signals to be analysed at once, all in color. It includes Lissajous mode allowing for viewing of oscilloscope art.

There’s a dedicated FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) mode with real-time spectrum analyser, dual wave generator, and a tuner.

Full specifications as follows:


12.9 x 7.8x 3.9 cm ( 5.08 x 3.07 x 1.53 inches)


130g (not including batteries) (4.6 oz)


USB type-C (2.0, 500mA max) or 2x AAA batteries (approx 2 hours running time)


Input : 3.5mm Stereo x2, ±10V max
Through Output : 3.5mm Stereo x2
Output : 3.5mm Mono x2, ±5V max


Display modes : Single, Stereo (Input1L-INPUT1R, Input1L – Input2L, Input2L – Input2R), 4ch?XY(Lissajous, 2ch)
Vertical : 10mV~5V/div, AC/DC MODE switchable
Horizontal : 50us~1s/div
Trigger : Auto, Rise, Fall, Single(rise), Single(fall)

FFT (Spectrum Analyzer)

Input : mono (1L, 1R, 2L, 2R)
Frequency 0Hz~20kHz

Function Generator

Wave type : sine, square, triangle, saw, noise, pulse, envelope
Frequency : 1Hz~10kHz, Hz/NOTE mode switchable, [1ms~10s,sec/BPM switchable(pulse, envelope mode)]
Output level : 10Vpp max, V/dB mode switchable


Display mode : Needle, Meter
Input : Mono, Stereo (Input1L-Input1R, Input1L-Input2L)
Calibration : 410-480Hz


Here is a videos released by Korg to show the NTS-2 in operation.