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SpectraLayers 10 from Steinberg launched with more detail, speed and control

Steinberg has announced the release of SpectraLayers Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Elements 10, its spectral audio processing software.

Spectral audio processing is a set of techniques used to manipulate and analyse audio signals in the frequency domain, and involves converting the audio signal from the time domain to the frequency domain using mathematical transformations such as the Fourier transform, revealing the individual frequency components present in the audio signal.

Version 10 has been updated with a redesigned core and “greatly evolved AI potential” as well as an array of new features for enhanced, faster and more precise control.

SpectraLayers 10 offers remarkably flexible, powerful and intuitive spectral editing, thanks to its artificial intelligence-driven processing. Sounds are displayed as visual objects and layers, enabling ultra-precise editing for any application, including music and post-production, sound design, audio restoration and much more.

SpectraLayers’ many new features focus on unmixing, new approaches to speech recognition and processing, enhanced AI-powered editing and comprehensive improvements for better sound results.

Unmixing tracks now includes dedicated guitar and drum processing, with additional layers for clean kick and snare drums and cymbals. AI processes include reverb reduction and voice denoiser for better vocal results.

Version 10 can extract multiple voices to individual layers, speech can be separated from noise, and then transcribed into nine languages and displayed on the timeline.

Other features include:

  • Improved sliders enhance making adjustments, no matter how detailed they are.
  • Contextual cut/copy/paste allows users to operate seamlessly by simply right- clicking the selection in the desired location.
  • Logical layer colors allow users to stay organized by automatically selecting alternate colors when creating layers.
  • New insert and cropping options are now available per layer.
  • Preview and apply keyboard shortcuts to simplify the user’s individual workflow.
  • Improved online help is now available to every tool and process.

Available from Steinberg, SpectraLayers Pro 10 is €299 or $299.99, while the Elements version is €79.99 or $79.99.

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