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Behringer XENYX 1003B: B for battery so you can mix on the move

Another week and another Behringer XENYX release is upon us. Chasing the heels of the 1002SFX and 1202SFX and the 502S/802S comes the 1003B premium analog 10-input mixer with five microphone preamps and optional battery operation, so you can mix on the move without needing separate power or using up your laptop battery.

I don’t know how many people would need this much mixing capability while out and about; personally I’d be more likely to capture audio and the like in the field on something simple and do my mixing from home. However, perhaps there are those who’d like to be able to livestream or mix with the outdoor, untethered vibe, and so maybe the XENYX 1003B is for them.

Other features are as you might expect from the XENYX line of mixers, including 48V phantom power, RCA and 1/4inch balanced jack connectors, 60mm faders, 3-band channel EQ, and post-fader FX.

The unit can be powered from standard 9V batteries although there’s no word on how long they’ll last you; of course it will be dependent on how much you’ve got plugged in and what it’s drawing.


The given specifications are as follows:

Mono Inputs

Microphone InputBalanced XLR, discrete input circuit
Mic EIN (22 Hz-22 kHz) 50 ? sourceTyp. -128 dB A-weighted
Frequency response Gain +15 dB (-3 dB)10 Hz – 80 kHz
Frequency response Gain +60 dB (-3 dB)20 Hz – 60 kHz
Gain range+15 dB to +60 dB
Max input level+6 dBu @ +15 dB Gain
Input Impedance1.8 k? balanced
Distortion (THD+N) Gain 15 dB0.006 % @ 1 kHz -5 dBu
Mono Line Inputs1/4″ TRS connector balanced
Impedance18 k? balanced

Stereo Inputs

Line Input1/4″ TRS connector unbalanced
Gain range-? to +15 dB
Max input level+20 dBu @ Gain 12O’clock


Low80 Hz/±15 dB
Mid2.5 kHz/±15 dB
High12 kHz/±15 dB

Available now with a retail price of around $209.