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AtomoSynth teases version 2 of Tottem drum synth

Peru-based AtomoSynth has teased its social media followers with some basic information about the second version of its Eurorack Tottem drum synthesiser.

The new Tottem features four independent, all-analog percussion synth voices, two of which featuring full percussion synth with triangle and square wave oscillator, an envelope for the “sweep” effect, one modulator with triangle and square waves as well as noise, plus a decay envelope for the overall volume contour.

They say the instrument is very flexible and can produce powerful bass drums, toms, clicks, “laser gun”, weird glitches and so on.

The other two voices feature an oscillator with “metal” and square waves, white noise generator, mixer, and decay envelope, and are good for metallic sounds like hi-hats, crashes, cymbals, clicks, beeps and “all craziness in between”.

Of course the two can be combined for greater flexibility and sound complexity.

There’s also an output mixer with individual level controls and outputs for each voice, plus a master output.

AtomoSynth says “The new Tottem produces a ‘raw’ organic character sound, that does not emulate any drum machine and stands apart from the very polished and over-processed sound of the actual digital drum synthesizers and samplers, giving you a new sound to enrich your percussion sound palette.”

The specifications given are:

  • Four analog percussion synthesizer voices
  • Two voices feature, one oscillator, two decay envelopes, one LFO, and a noise generator
  • Two voices feature, one square wave and metal oscillator, one noise generator, one mixer, and a decay envelope
  • Output mixer
  • Individual outputs for each voice
  • Master mix output
  • Manual gate button for each voice
  • Current draw: 197mA +12V. 75mA -12V. 0mA +5V
  • 24HP wide
  • 25mm deep

Pricing and availability is still to be announced.

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